From Atocha to heaven

We have made a nod to the popular expression “from Madrid to heaven” with “from Atocha to heaven” because we want your stay to be as pleasant as possible, which is ultimately what this phrase from Madrid means. For your information, you are just a few minutes from the most important museums in the country, from the most cultural neighborhoods during the day and with an incredible nightlife.


We are here to take care of you

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Like at home

Our goal is to make our guests feel at home, because after all, that’s what we all want when we travel. And that’s why we have thought about all the details so that your stay is a real experience of well-being.
Our breakfast


Impossible better

In each of the hotel rooms we wanted to print a unique character through handcrafted pieces made of esparto grass. Our values ​​are basically to be a good host, where guest care is the most important thing. Our universe is created to satisfy the best break, enjoyment, good food and respect for the environment.


In the heart of Madrid

Historically, Atocha street has been one of the most important in the city as it is the main artery to reach the Plaza Mayor, the heart of Madrid. Our neighborhood, the neighborhood of letters “barrio de las letras”, has been inhabited by poets, illustrious writers and also by often forgotten artisans. And our hotel is dedicated to the latter, especially to all those who worked and work esparto grass.
Our façade

See, feel, enjoy

Madrid is an electrifying city to get lost in, we want you to share your Madrid moments with us in our social networks. In addition, in our Instagram you will find what we like the most about our city and tips to enrich your plans during your visit. To enjoy!